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G8 Subsea Trials Autonomous Underwater Monitoring and Maintenance System for Offshore Floating Solar

Oct 20,2020

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle _AUV_ AOM Automomous Operation Maintenance

Autonomous Operation and Maintenance (A.O.M.) is a key technological development direction in G8 Subsea to improve the long term efficiency and reliability of large scaled floating solar and renewable energy structures on water. Under the collaboration with BEE X Singapore team and G8, the trials were undertaken to monitor critical mooring points and Subsea Cable components of an offshore floating solar plant in Woodlands Singapore.

The efficiency of Data Collection and Condition Monitoring of floating solar plant and subsea cables is an important aspect of the trials as each floating solar system and floating platform has multiple subsea linkages and components that are subjected to the rigors of subsea currents, marine growth, erosion and stresses due to waves. As part of achieving Autonomous Operation and Maintenance, the direction is to drive efficient data collection and high resolution condition monitoring continuously and remotely to ensure the highest safety and efficiency in Floating Solar and Offshore Wind maintenance.

''We are benchmarking various Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) technologies and we are proud to have BEE X to be a collaborative partner in developing A.O.M technology. Traditionally this task is performed by divers but the next steps is to bring the maintenance service further to achieve full autonomy and reliable self charging capabilities to deliver cost effective maintenance strategies for Floating Solar & Offshore Wind '' Commented Gerald Tan, Managing Director of G8 Subsea''. 

G8 Subsea is Asia's leading Subsea Engineering solutions provider for the construction and maintenance of offshore windfarms and floating solar. The company specializes in constructing subsea power networks and developing the next generation technologies for floating solar and wind for near shore applications. G8 Subsea hold numerous worldwide patents for MTB floating solar technologies and Subsea Cable Protection technologies.