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G8 SUBSEA Initiates Southern Cable Gateway in Singapore

Oct 28,2020

G8 Group is announcing a next generation cable landing Station South of Singapore. The next generation cable landing and connection will feature a direct cable to the southern tip of Singapore Samakau Island and a submarine cable linking the backbone infrastructure of Pulau Bukom and Mainland Singapore.

Asia and Singapore is experiencing significant acceleration in digital applications and investments in data center network. The next generation cable station will combine the use of Solar Power with G8 Cable Landing Protection System to deliver more that 216 terabits per second with a target completion by End 2022.

"The Singapore Southern Landing station will support the next generation 5G networks and our leading telecommunication partners extending their backbone infrastructure to Singapore and the region." Commented by Vincent Phang, G8 Group Head of BD.

G8 Southern Singapore Landing Point will support the growth of 5G network and international carriers linking telecommunication network from Singapore to the region. For more enquires contact:


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