G8's Sustainability Mission

Serving Future Generations by Accelerating Clean Energy Projects


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G8's core mission is to develop world leading technologies and construct the power transmission infrastructures to address Energy Sustainability & Climate Change. This is achieved by G8 accelerating the delivery of Zero Carbon based power generation systems and next generation energy storage technology to minimize the environmental impact to our global ecosystem while ensuring a greener and better world for future generations. Power Generation accounts to 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions and we can no longer rely on fossil fuel based infrastructure polluting and harming mother nature.



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At G8, we strive for green technology leadership with engineering excellence at every level towards our journey to power and connect the world with clean and sustainable energy. This includes taking our own actions and supply chains to full account on carbon footprint and resource efficiency. Our vendors, materials and our construction methods shall have a minimal impact towards the environment and maximum impact towards environmental protection and safety.



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Senoko Offshore Solar Plant – Pioneering Renewable Energy Project in Singapore




We accelerate projects by increasing the speed of deployment and delivery of Floating Solar & Offshore Wind Energy while improving safety. We develop and work with local communities to create a circular economy and greener eco-systems in every project we deliver. We develop future technologies to create a create a clearer path for future generations towards a brighter, greener and sustainable future. We build and connect offshore renewable energy to the world.