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Submarine Networks World 2023 in Singapore

Sep 22,2023


G8 Initiates Singapore Southern Gateway Cable System Project to Support Next-Generation Power & Telecommunication Connectivity


  • SSG Cable System will enable up to 6GW of solar power transmission connected to Singapore with 216 Tbps capacity to support 5G networks
  • G8 is also proud to feature Lucky Joint as a co-exhibitor at Submarine Networks World 2023 event

SINGAPORE, September 22, 2023 – G8 (“G8”, “the Company”, “the Group”), a Singapore-based technology company with global expertise in offshore and marine renewable energy projects, today announced it has embarked on the Singapore Southern Gateway (“SSG”) Cable System project to support fifth-generation (“5G”) mobile networks and power connectivity to Singapore. G8 also plans to be an exhibitor at Submarine Submarine Networks World 2023, the world’s largest annual gathering of the global subsea cable community, to showcase its next-generation cable landing solutions for the telecoms and renewable energy industry.

Submarine Networks World 2023

Apart from G8, its industry partner, Lucky Joint, a provider of Horizontal Directional Drilling (“HDD”) cable landing solutions, will also feature in Submarine Networks World 2023. Both companies will display their suite of world-leading cable installation solutions at the event.

As the world's key annual submarine communications gathering, Submarine Networks World offers industry participants a dedicated platform to exchange knowledge, explore the latest projects, develop strategies, and form lucrative new partnerships to drive the industry forward. Submarine Networks World 2023, which features more than 800 attendees, over 100 speakers, and more than 50 sponsors and exhibitors, will be held from 27-28 September 2023 at Suntec Singapore.

The Singapore Southern Gateway Cable System




Singapore, along with Asia, is witnessing a significant acceleration in demand for digital applications and investments in data centre networks. This is also in line with its energy policies to import renewable energy to meet the nation's net-zero targets by 2030. Singapore aims to double its capacity for international subsea cable landings over the next decade to boost the city-state’s digital connectivity. The city-state currently has 26 subsea cables landed here across three landing sites, and the number of sites will double over the next 10 years[1].

The next-generation SSG Cable and landing Station will link the south of Singapore through industry partnerships focused on telecommunications networks and power connectivity, expanding, and enabling next-generation global subsea networks and landings into Singapore from the region.

Since 2022, G8 Subsea has completed 15 subsea cable landings in Singapore and is poised to continue further expanding the city-state’s subsea telecommunications and power connectivity.

In today’s digital age, the demand for submarine capacity to transmit terabytes of data is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. At G8, we recognise the mission-critical role that subsea cable networks have developed in facilitating seamless communication and information access on a global scale, commented G8’s Managing Director, Gerald Tan. “As the landscape of telecommunications and power infrastructure continues to evolve, G8 remains committed to staying at the forefront of technology to empower a connectivity-focused world."



About G8 Energy

G8 Energy is Asia’s leading sub-sea engineering solutions provider with proprietary engineering technologies to accelerate power and telecommunication cable connectivity across the region. The company has landed 15 cables from the region to Singapore over the last three years. It has been serving leading telecommunications and power companies with its industry-leading CablePro® engineering services that provide high-quality subsea cable installation and maintenance solutions.

About Lucky Joint

Lucky Joint, one of Singapore's premier telecommunications contractors, offers comprehensive solutions and services, backed by over 38 years of industry excellence. Their focus is on delivering value-added services and fostering strong client relationships, making them a preferred vendor in the global telecom networks sector.




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